New Dials

I have tried a lot of different styles of LED bulbs behind the dash over the years drying to get a nice modern red style glow. But all of the attempts have produced inconsistent coverage, with light and dark spots (inherent to the direct nature of the LED bulbs available at the time). So I decided instead to revert back to normal dash bulbs (regular, clear 501 bulbs) and use a translucent film to achieve the red colour. I found these brushed stainless style dials online which came with a choice of backing colour and really liked the look of them.

I am really pleased with how they look. The picture of the finished article doesn’t do them justice, they really give a vibrant red with no dark spots in sight. Calibrating the speedo was an interesting experience – as the needle is spring loaded and has to be removed to put the new dial on, this involved driving at a known speed (thank you iPhone!) and then having an assistant adjust the needle.

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