Drivers Door Rebuild

Having already replaced the passenger door, it is now time to tackle the drivers side. Both doors had succumbed to rust along the bottom edge:

This is the original drivers door and the reason we are here.

The donor door comes from an import so has some differences that make the replacement more complicated than simply swapping them over.

The owner of the donor door decided to chop the loom between the car and the door for easy removal which unfortunately means I have to remove and it replace it. I have sourced replacement JDM looms:

If only they hadn’t been chopped! (top left)

The bump strips on the new door are a different colour of red than on my car, but they are also thinner which means I can’t just swap them over. The bump strips on the new door will have to be painted body colour.

Top: JDM bump strip Bottom: UK bump strip Door: JDM

The donor door also comes with electric retractable mirrors which my previous door did not. The JDM wiring loom accounts for this but an additional relay is also required for inside the vehicle which I have sourced but will have to be wired in. The new door also originally had a rather nice, unscratched window with it – which I was really looking forward to using! But unfortunately I accidentally smashed it when my weights bench fell over and tapped the window (which was up), shattering it completely. Most of that shattered glass of course ended up inside the door adding an extra challenge to the rebuild.


Disassembly List:

  • Remove door card
  • Remove mirror / tweeter
  • Remove weather strip and clips
  • Remove broken glass
  • Remove window regulator and mechanism (inspection and regrease)
  • Remove rubber edge seal
  • Remove Speaker
  • Remove exterior door handle (swap locks)
  • Remove latch mechanism (inspection and clean)

I started this post in May 2018 and it’s taken me until June 2019 to finish!

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