Following on from my initial look at the MR2 Rust, it was clear that this was a big job that I wouldn’t be tackling myself. With the car having been SORN since March 2014 while I worked on bits and bobs at my leisure, I made a concentrated effort in 2017/18 trying to find a garage in the north east of Scotland to help. I had a few encouraging starts but they all eventually fell through and I was ready to give up. But then I was passed the details of KDKustoms in Lochgelly (thanks David Taylor!).
KD were absolutely amazing at communicating regarding the car. Given the distance between the garage and the shop, I couldn’t just pop round for an inspection so we started over email with pictures and descriptions of the problem areas, and spoke on the phone – I immediately had a better feeling about having my car in their care then any of the other garages I had dealt with. Neil reviewed all of the info before providing several options and price estimates for how we could proceed – all of which were at the right level of detail and showed he completely understood what I was looking for. We agreed on an option and arranged to have the car shipped from Aberdeen down to the Kingdom of Fyfe at the end of April 2019. I kept the drivers door so that I could strip and replace it while the rest of the car was being worked.

The car arrived safe and sound and KDKustoms got started

After receiving the car and inspecting, there were some additional items added to the original plan, but nothing major (until the sills were looked at). So we agreed on a plan to tackle the following:

  • Fabrication and welding: Rear arches and boot, full sills (both sides inner and outer), floor pan plating.
  • All subframes, arms etc. to be removed, blasted and powder coated
  • Complete underside refresh with the floor pan and other areas being cleaned, prepped and coated with rust proofing, primer and a red tinted raptor coating where applicable.
  • Paint: Sills (body coloured), Arches, Boot lid (badge holes filled), front bumper & bonnet (badge holes filled), bumper trim body coloured – so many parts ended up needing painted that we ended up doing full a full paint job!
  • Full Polybush kit fitting
  • Replaced drop links, ball joints, front wheel bearings, brake dust shields, rear tie rod arms and bushings
  • Refurbish break callipers and suspension struts
  • Rear arches rolled / trimmed to prevent tyre rub
  • Service & MOT

Parts list for the restoration:

  • Polyurethane bushes (SuperPro Full Kit)
  • Brake dust shields (TCB Parts)
  • Sill panels and end plates (MR2-Ben)
  • Replacement subframe (MR-MR2)
  • Rear bumper rub strips (MR-MR2)
  • Volume nuts & bolts (MR-MR2)
  • Front & Rear Ball Joints (MR2-Ben)
  • Front & Rear Drop Links (Ebay)
  • Front Wheel Bearings
  • Rear Tie Rod Arms (MR-MR2)
  • Rear Tie Rod Bearings & Bushings (MR2-Ben)
  • 3mm Wheel Spacers (Ebay)

My sills had already been repaired in 2012 (at a local garage in the North East) so I thought that they were all good. However it quickly became apparent that they had not repaired or prevented any of the internal rust and basically just put shiny metal over the top of the problem.

This is what the sills looked like on the inside

Here are some before and after pics:

Some pics of the work in progress:

Finally, as of the 26th of August 2019, the car is back to (or rather, far beyond) its original condition! As I type this, I am waiting to jump on a train to collect the car – can’t wait!