Rusty Bum

I noticed a while ago that within the boot, around the inner of the wheel arches was rusty, from where water had once upon a time pooled up at the bottom. On one side I’m sure it will have been from the aerial grommet, not so sure about the other. Either way, I left it way to long and now it’s a big issue.

To get some better access and see just how bad the problem is, I’ll need to remove the rear bumper. Which means the lights need to come off for the first time during my ownership at least.

Even getting the bumper off proved to be a real challenge. The main bolt which holds the rear bump strip on was completely rusted and it didn’t matter how much heat or lubricant I used there was no shifting it. I ended up having to rip the passenger side panel of, but managed to rescue the drivers side by grinding the nut off.

At least the bumper is off and I can get in about to start sanding / grinding back the rust to see what I am left with. Job for another day.

Update: That job for another day, turned out to be HUGE! You can read all about it here.

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